Thursday, December 17, 2009

Oh Christmas

I don't know about everyone else but Christmas always manages to sneak up on me! Before I know it I'm one of those wild eyed shoppers in their pajamas in Wal-Mart on Christmas Eve. To help us all procrastinate a little less I found a couple easy gift suggestions to give to that "special" someone that we never know what to buy for them ;)

-Buy an inexpensive glass ornament and paint it, monogram it with a cute piece of Christmas fabric and mod-podge, and tie a pretty ribbon on top.

-Use a free coin purse pattern (you can find these online) they usually only take a few scraps of fabric and a zipper. Fill it with inexpensive necessities like chapstick, fingernail clippers, and a cute pen. Or even include a gift card! (to their favorite quilt shop of course!)

-Buy a festive Christmas mug and fill it with "Winter Necessities" such as hot chocolate, chapstick, mittens (you can get two pairs of these for a couple dollars at Target) and a small pack of tissues!

-For the man in your life go simple! All men really want is a good meal in their bellies so if you can cook, go all out with a fancy dinner to fill him up. Or if cooking is not your thing, take him out on the town and pay for everything. Believe me, giving him a break once in awhile is greatly appreciated!

-For the outdoorsman a good flashlight is always needed (make sure to pick up some batteries too!)

With any of these gifts your recipients will feel like you put some thought into your gift and they will actually use it! The plus side to this is that you'll break through on the other side of Christmas without having spent an arm and a leg, and you'll avoid all the crazy department stores.

Just a few of the things I was thinking about today...Now out I go into the fray to pick up a few things for dinner! Wish me luck!

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