Monday, January 4, 2010

Where's the Sunshine?!

I don't know about ya'll but I am freezing. Hello?! Don't we live in the South?! Last time I checked I didn't sign up for below freezing temperatures for multiple days in a row! But the one good thing that I know might come from this is some beautiful snow and how can we not love that? Some clean white snow for a fresh start on our new year.

Our Christmas sale was a crazy and hectic week but I think everyone enjoyed themselves and got some great deals out of it too. We all love a good bargain :) Now we are starting to get our Spring and Valentine fabric in. The website has some new fabric on it and some precuts from these lines. And of course after market we ordered a TON of new fabric from Moda. The fabric representative came to visit and there was absolutely not one single line that we didn't love! I am so excited when new fabric comes in, it's like we get to have a million little Christmas's and birthdays all year long.

So to help fight the chill I hope you guys get to check out the new fabric on the website and even better, I hope you get to come into the store and feel all the beautiful fabric that is arriving. Just being around the bright colors and happy patterns makes spring, sunshine, and warm weather, feel like it is just that much closer. And we all need that right now!

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