Saturday, April 24, 2010

Roving Quilt Correspondents -- In Paducah!

We've got 4 ladies from the shop up in Paducah taking in all the quilts, vendors, and classes. They sure are having fun...I think Gina and I will let them work next time and we'll go to the show! Here's the latest update from them...and all of their funny pictures!


We have survived our first day at the quilt show and our dogs are barking! Going through the show with all the quilting ladies is a hazardous experience. Everyone has a different sized homemade bag filled with all their goodies. One lady swung around and I almost ended up losing a boob. Linda also almost beheaded a woman with a bolt of fabric at Hancock's. Even though Barb only goes 1/2 a mile an hour we lost her in the crowd. So far Ada has behaved, but there is always tomorrow!
Coming attractions:surprise pictures with the quilting cow?????
We are back at our hotel looking over all our goodies and preparing for Ada's foot treatments????
Talk to you tomorrow.
The roving quilting reporters signing off.
We have just arrived back at our hotel after a full day of quilt mania in Paducah. Our feet don't hurt as much today as yesterday.No foot massages tonight. I had pictures of Linda giving Ada a foot massage and vis-a-versa but did't sent it because they were afraid it would end up on facebook. We maybe can bribe them with the photo at a later date!
We found this great quilt shop called Backyard Fabric and it was literally in the woman's backyard. It was a very peaceful spot with ducks swimming in the pond out front. It was a working farm so you could hear the cows off in the distance. Then it was off to Eleanor Burn's show and it seemed we had not left the farm,because her new book is about barns. As always , her show was a hoot and she is still stripping for a living!!!
Not many funny stories from today except for Barb trying to milk a 10 foot cow with a quilt on its back.They are expecting stormy weather here tomorrow so we are going to stay indoors. Barb can use her cane to "part" the crowds.

Roving reporters signing off for the night.

Barbara milking the quilting cow!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!

Today we were talking about tips and tricks that we've learned along our quilting journey. Cathy mentioned how she just recently tried a trick that she had always heard of but never tried. Isn't that so true for a lot of us? She needed to clean her iron (she had gunk built up from fusible) and so she tried ironing a dryer sheet. Of course it worked! She was amazed that it looked like it was brand new!
Sometimes we all need to take the time to try something new that we've ignored even though everyone says it works. It's hard to get out of a rut but when it comes to quilting, everything is changing so quickly I feel like we're being pulled in both directions. We're being asked to not only learn all these new tools and how to use pre-cut fabrics, but also I feel like a lot of people want to learn how their grandmothers quilted.
But that's the good thing about us I think. We are multi-taskers. And quilter's are some of the most open-minded and kind people I've ever met. (Especially for a majority of us being women and all getting along!) So let's try something old, try something new, and keep our minds receptive to tips from fellow quilters, because usually, they're right!
Fons and Porter always have a lot of great ideas. Here's a few of their easy ideas from their Sew Easy Lessons.

Bonnie Jean

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Christmas Already?!

I know ya'll probably hate it as much as I do when you walk into Wal-Mart in the middle of summer and they already have Thanksgiving decorations out. Or when you walk into Hobby Lobby looking for Thanksgiving decorations and you can't find any for all the Christmas decorations!! It seems like the world has sped up since I was little. Everything is in fast forward instead of playing normally.
It's nearly impossible to stay ahead in the retail world. Now we order Christmas fabric for next year as soon as Christmas is over for this year! And believe me, it's hard to do when the sun is shining and it's warm out. You need 'Christmas spirit' to cheerfully look at Christmas fabric and that is severely lacking in the Springtime! But we dutifully write down orders and sometimes can't help but get excited because, well, it's fabric! And we can't help but love some fabric!We've already gotten a Christmas Block of the Month program sign up started! We're doing Holidays at Home from Marcus Brothers with fabric by Faye Burgos and designed by Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek. It's one of those timelessly elegant quilts that you just can't help but love. So we loved it, we got it, and now we're taking sign ups for it. If you're interested click here!

Today I'm going to try to take it slow and easy. It's hard to remember sometimes when there's so much to do but...I will try! I hope you all will too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring is officially here and we are welcoming it with open arms at Quilter's Refuge! Our April special has gone over well and our Friday $30 gift certificate winner was so excited.

Her daughter actually picked the egg out for her!
Tomorrow there will be another $30 gift certificate in the pot and we'll have another lucky winner! It would be great to spend that on some of this fabulous new fabric that's been Fresh Cottons and Fruitcake from Moda. Click here to check out all their new lines.

Or one of these cool new kits! There are 10 batik fabrics put together and we've started naming them. This green is Margaritaville. We've also got Tequila Sunrise (pictured), Strawberry Daquiri, and (coming soon!) Alabama Slammer! How fun!

What would you have named these kits if it had been you?