Saturday, April 17, 2010

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks!

Today we were talking about tips and tricks that we've learned along our quilting journey. Cathy mentioned how she just recently tried a trick that she had always heard of but never tried. Isn't that so true for a lot of us? She needed to clean her iron (she had gunk built up from fusible) and so she tried ironing a dryer sheet. Of course it worked! She was amazed that it looked like it was brand new!
Sometimes we all need to take the time to try something new that we've ignored even though everyone says it works. It's hard to get out of a rut but when it comes to quilting, everything is changing so quickly I feel like we're being pulled in both directions. We're being asked to not only learn all these new tools and how to use pre-cut fabrics, but also I feel like a lot of people want to learn how their grandmothers quilted.
But that's the good thing about us I think. We are multi-taskers. And quilter's are some of the most open-minded and kind people I've ever met. (Especially for a majority of us being women and all getting along!) So let's try something old, try something new, and keep our minds receptive to tips from fellow quilters, because usually, they're right!
Fons and Porter always have a lot of great ideas. Here's a few of their easy ideas from their Sew Easy Lessons.

Bonnie Jean

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  1. My daughter and I enjoyed an afternoon out at the shop today. Thank you for your hospitality and help.