Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Natural Progression

I think because I've been around quilting all my life I've felt like it is THE BEST of the fabric related hobbies. But the other day we got some fabric in....

And my goodness...I just HAD to make something out of it. And I just HAD to have it where I could wear it! So I searched and found an easy shirt pattern. As I've never sewn a shirt before it was definitely a new experience for me. At least I've had to cut out a purse pattern before so I wasn't completely lost!
Now the shirt is complete (I even used a double needle!) except for the collar. They failed to mention that I would have to put a collar on this shirt. If they had, it should have been in the form of a huge red warning label. Collars are hard!!
I'll post a picture of the complete shirt soon!

As quilters, and basically as humans, we are so adaptable! It amazes me more and more every day. In little ways, like me adapting my quilting skills to sewing skills, and in much larger ways, like our whole country! So I guess it is the natural progression of things for quilters to become seamstresses and for needlepoint queens to take up knitting. It's so nice that we can all adapt and grow in our skills!

Has anyone tried any interesting new project lately that you felt really challenged you? Post a picture or tell us about it. Heck, we might end up trying it ourselves. :)

<3Bonnie Jean

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