Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let's Remember Where It Started...

With the most famous seamstress of all...Betsy Ross. She even showed up George Washington, who suggested a 6-pointed star, and showed them how to make a 5-pointed star in one snip! (See how to do it yourself HERE!)  It just goes to show you that you can't do anything without some sewing/quilting involved, including beginning a new country! You go Betsy!!
While your chin is held high, knowing us crafty ladies once helped begin this nation,  we also need to take the time to reflect this Fourth of July on the lives that have been lost defending our country. 
I don't think it matters whether you support the current war or if you are strongly opposed to it. The one thing I believe we can all 'unite' on is that we care about all of our soldiers and want them to be safe! My cousin is a Marine and is currently serving his first tour overseas. While we don't know where he is, we always pray that he is safe and sound. 

So make sure you take the time to remember the soldiers, both present and past, while you're grilling hot dogs and swimming. Let's remember to be thankful for all that we have (especially fabric!) this 4th! Check out more info on Betsy Ross at this website.

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