Thursday, August 19, 2010

Donations to Lexi House

Mrs. Vicki Howell made nearly 30 pillowcases out of her stash and we are donating them to Lexi House.
Look at all these cheery bright fabrics!

Lexi House is a local charity that supports women and children that are in situations beyond their control. Visit their site here to learn more about them. We hope that these pillowcases will bring some comfort and cheer to those that receive them! 

Thanks Vicki for all of your hard work. Vicki has also made many, many, pillowcase dresses for the Little Dresses for Africa organization.

I hope that if any of you are able you will support your local charities and organizations!! 
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Up, Up, and.... Away?

That is what our fabric prices are doing. And I'm wondering how long they can push the prices upward. I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts about this. Just in the last two years I have seen fabric prices go from $7 - $8 a yard to their current prices of $10 - $11! Batiks are even more expensive than that. (They are so darn pretty though!) 

I love fabric, but I'm wondering how far the customers' love of fabric will stretch their pocket books?
What do ya'll think? Will you still be buying quality quilting fabric if you have to spend $10 or more a yard, or will you resort to lower quality fabrics from larger retailers?

It's a hard choice to make. Click here to read some of the latest on cotton prices!

Speaking of cute things....
I love this Paper Dolls fabric from Windham fabrics. How cute!!

And last but  not least, I'll leave ya'll with a "before" picture of one of Ada's (an amazing quilter, a very sweet lady, and a wonderful friend) quilts in progress. She used one of our Jelly Rolls and is whipping up a simply sweet quilt. Finished pictures soon!

<3Bonnie Jean

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pie Stuffed Cake, and Bacon Explosion!

My good friend Ryan Wade shared this link with me on my Facebook page, and  oh my gosh, I just had to share with my good friends!! Quilting and food somehow seem to go together...especially sweets. Don't ask me how that one happened! But with all the jelly rolls, honeybuns, and turnovers, there had to be a real life Layer Cake...and this is it!
Pie stuffed cake
Can you believe this thing?! Click the link above to see the recipe. I hope someone will make this thing! It's cherry, pumpkin, and apple inside of yellow, white, and spice cake.

I am an old fashioned kind of girl, I have to admit. I make my pie crust from scratch and I think it's much sweeter to bring a homemade dish to dinner than anything else. I will post pictures of my apple pie and Gibson chess pie that I'm making this afternoon, tomorrow.

By the way, if you are looking to make your man incredibly happy (or give him a bacon induced heart attack) make sure to check out this recipe as well! Bacon explosion from
My soon to be husband LOVES bacon. I'm thinking we are going to be testing this one out this weekend!!

Ok, now that I've tempted you, don't eat too much!!

<3Bonnie Jean

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And the winner is....

Nancy Sue!! Thank you for your comment Nancy. Nancy will get to choose between a 12 Days of Christmas Charm Pack and a Fruit Cake charm pack for her prize.

We hope everyone is enjoying their Air Conditioning as much as we are. Don't forget we are celebrating our a/c this week with 10% off Christmas fabrics and we're giving away free icy cold bottles of water, lemonade mixers, and a cute Quilter's Refuge coozie to keep your fingers from freezing! All online customers will receive this coozie along with their regular free fat quarter and extra gift!

Now if only fall would get here already...I want to make something with these Halloween fabrics...

Aren't these fun?! I think Halloween might be my favorite holiday. What is yours?

Have a fabulous week and don't forget to send me your addresses so I can send you a postcard that you can redeem in store on September 1st during our Anniversary sale, or use online for 15% off on October 1st.

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Of course, I think our quilt is the prettiest!! Our free pattern that you will receive when you sign up for our newsletter is "Come Together". We used the new line from StudioE called "Layered Nature".
It doesn't get prettier than that! You can buy the kit HERE.

Make sure to get your free patterns. They will only be up for one month.

<3Bonnie Jean