Monday, August 16, 2010

Up, Up, and.... Away?

That is what our fabric prices are doing. And I'm wondering how long they can push the prices upward. I wanted to know if anyone had any thoughts about this. Just in the last two years I have seen fabric prices go from $7 - $8 a yard to their current prices of $10 - $11! Batiks are even more expensive than that. (They are so darn pretty though!) 

I love fabric, but I'm wondering how far the customers' love of fabric will stretch their pocket books?
What do ya'll think? Will you still be buying quality quilting fabric if you have to spend $10 or more a yard, or will you resort to lower quality fabrics from larger retailers?

It's a hard choice to make. Click here to read some of the latest on cotton prices!

Speaking of cute things....
I love this Paper Dolls fabric from Windham fabrics. How cute!!

And last but  not least, I'll leave ya'll with a "before" picture of one of Ada's (an amazing quilter, a very sweet lady, and a wonderful friend) quilts in progress. She used one of our Jelly Rolls and is whipping up a simply sweet quilt. Finished pictures soon!

<3Bonnie Jean

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