Thursday, September 30, 2010


Most of us don't believe in buying fabric from Wal-Mart or Hancock's or well...anywhere but our local quilt shop! It seems like there is a huge gap between those who strictly shop at "quilt shops" and those who buy their fabric and supplies other places. It seems like quilters are more upset about their local Wal-Mart closing out their 'fabric' sections of their stores than when one of their local Quilt Shops closes it's doors.

What's the answer!!!

I would love to hear your comments on why you shop at non-quilt stores and what you think about their fabric. Please feel free to take the poll to the left of the page and also leave a comment on this post.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Hello Fall!

As long as I have lived in Alabama, the weather still surprises me. Two days ago it was 100 degrees. Today the temperature is hovering at a chilly 50 degrees with a high of only 77. Brrrr!
As I am already dreaming of Spring...look at these!
Oh yes, these are our laminated fabrics due to arrive in January. Won't they make cute raincoats?!
Or this cute hat...
 And being a huge Dr. Seuss fan (who hasn't read all of his books?!) I was pretty excited about his arrival in our store...
Shop Dr.Seuss Here!
I'm pretty proud of my little artwork there.... courtesy of Picnik (anybody can use this to edit their photos, and it's free!!) Well, that's all for this morning. Time to refill the coffee cup!

<3Bonnie Jean

Monday, September 27, 2010

Work in Progress...

Ada (a quilting miracle worker I think) has completed the middle section of the new Civil War Chronicles block of the month program that is starting in January.
Oh, it is just gorgeous! We already have quite a few people signed up, and we hope to have a lot more! This is a quilt that you will treasure and pass on to your children and grandchildren.

I am so excited to see it finished!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Football Fridays

We all love football right?

Well, maybe not! But you will after this deal. Help us celebrate fall and football season every Friday starting tomorrow (the 17th). 
It's so easy to score with this special. Come into the store on Fridays and wear your favorite team's jersey or other licensed wearable. That's it! You save 10% on regularly priced items. 

That's not all of course. We want you to win the National Championship (Roll Tide!!) which will include a $50 gift certificate, a football quilt pattern, and a football themed goody basket! You will get your name entered in the drawing every Friday that you come in and make a purchase.

For my wonderful online customers, don't worry! You can participate too. Only on Fridays regularly priced merchandise will be 10% off. You will also get your name entered to win the Championship for every purchase you make on Fridays only. 

It would be really great if you guys wanted to post some pictures of what you do on Game Day. Food, outfits, family time, anything would be fun.
So post up to our Facebook. I'll feature the pictures on our website! (Right below where you post a comment it says "Attach" and then click picture!) If you need help just send me an email and I'll be glad to help

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Sneak Peak...

I got so inspired the other day when our Moda rep came to visit. We ordered some very cute fabric, and even cuter books! (Like this Bareroots Embroidery book) I am trying to expand our "quilting" world to include sewing projects as well. Modern is the trend right now and I want to be sure we get everyone involved! I'm hoping these little new projects will inspire some younger generations to get their creative juices flowing...through their sewing machine and into handmade projects. 

I'm very excited that we ordered some laminated fabric. The possibilities are endless with this stuff! Like this hat for instance...
Wouldn't you love to wear this on a rainy Spring day? I would....I think I will have to make one. Or a few. 
And I also love these lunch bags. I think these are such a great way to show your creativity and individualism! Anybody can go to Wal-Mart and get a lunch bag...but how many can make one of these? Love it! So excited to make all of these new little projects.

I also cajoled Gina into ordering a couple of these neat books...
 I got to glance though it, and it is just full of neat history, ideas, and 'vintage notions' as the book is titled!

I hope everyone is enjoying football season. Somehow I ended up with  two fantasy football teams...hmm. But miraculously I am winning!! woohoo!! My fiance is not as excited, as I beat him last week :)

That's what he gets I guess!! Make sure to join us online & in store for Football Fridays, coming up the 17th!!

If you are looking for a neat blog to follow, I've been reading "The Rabbit & The Duck" based in Australia. She is a handmade queen and I enjoy reading her posts! Check her out. The Rabbit & The Duck Blog

Friday, September 3, 2010

Block of the Month Programs

It seems that there are a million Block of the Month programs available these days to participate in (or offer!). Although our quilt shop has just started it's Internet sales, believe me, we are trying our best to get out there and offer you some Block of the Month programs. 
Currently underway, we have Holidays at Home, a fun quilt using Strip-It fabric. I think this Block of the Month is unique in it's technique.
Next we have Civil War Chronicles...the quilt after Civil War Tribute. This one begins in January and is great for learning new piecing techniques. 
Holly Lane is currently underway. It's a gorgeous Holiday quilt with minimal applique for the beginner. The piecing isn't too hard either! A perfectly simple quilt.

Now the question is...what do you want? Let us know! We want to feature Block of the Months that are inspiring to you. Do you all love applique? Or do you want some challenging piecing? Or a great beginner quilt? 
We are going to be revising our line up over the next couple of days and I want us to be able to fill every class! So tell me what your favorite is so I can get your votes in to "the boss". :) 

Have a great weekend quilters! Make some time to make something pretty!