Friday, September 3, 2010

Block of the Month Programs

It seems that there are a million Block of the Month programs available these days to participate in (or offer!). Although our quilt shop has just started it's Internet sales, believe me, we are trying our best to get out there and offer you some Block of the Month programs. 
Currently underway, we have Holidays at Home, a fun quilt using Strip-It fabric. I think this Block of the Month is unique in it's technique.
Next we have Civil War Chronicles...the quilt after Civil War Tribute. This one begins in January and is great for learning new piecing techniques. 
Holly Lane is currently underway. It's a gorgeous Holiday quilt with minimal applique for the beginner. The piecing isn't too hard either! A perfectly simple quilt.

Now the question is...what do you want? Let us know! We want to feature Block of the Months that are inspiring to you. Do you all love applique? Or do you want some challenging piecing? Or a great beginner quilt? 
We are going to be revising our line up over the next couple of days and I want us to be able to fill every class! So tell me what your favorite is so I can get your votes in to "the boss". :) 

Have a great weekend quilters! Make some time to make something pretty!

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