Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Little Sneak Peak...

I got so inspired the other day when our Moda rep came to visit. We ordered some very cute fabric, and even cuter books! (Like this Bareroots Embroidery book) I am trying to expand our "quilting" world to include sewing projects as well. Modern is the trend right now and I want to be sure we get everyone involved! I'm hoping these little new projects will inspire some younger generations to get their creative juices flowing...through their sewing machine and into handmade projects. 

I'm very excited that we ordered some laminated fabric. The possibilities are endless with this stuff! Like this hat for instance...
Wouldn't you love to wear this on a rainy Spring day? I would....I think I will have to make one. Or a few. 
And I also love these lunch bags. I think these are such a great way to show your creativity and individualism! Anybody can go to Wal-Mart and get a lunch bag...but how many can make one of these? Love it! So excited to make all of these new little projects.

I also cajoled Gina into ordering a couple of these neat books...
 I got to glance though it, and it is just full of neat history, ideas, and 'vintage notions' as the book is titled!

I hope everyone is enjoying football season. Somehow I ended up with  two fantasy football teams...hmm. But miraculously I am winning!! woohoo!! My fiance is not as excited, as I beat him last week :)

That's what he gets I guess!! Make sure to join us online & in store for Football Fridays, coming up the 17th!!

If you are looking for a neat blog to follow, I've been reading "The Rabbit & The Duck" based in Australia. She is a handmade queen and I enjoy reading her posts! Check her out. The Rabbit & The Duck Blog

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