Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well Hello Fall!

As long as I have lived in Alabama, the weather still surprises me. Two days ago it was 100 degrees. Today the temperature is hovering at a chilly 50 degrees with a high of only 77. Brrrr!
As I am already dreaming of Spring...look at these!
Oh yes, these are our laminated fabrics due to arrive in January. Won't they make cute raincoats?!
Or this cute hat...
 And being a huge Dr. Seuss fan (who hasn't read all of his books?!) I was pretty excited about his arrival in our store...
Shop Dr.Seuss Here!
I'm pretty proud of my little artwork there.... courtesy of Picnik (anybody can use this to edit their photos, and it's free!!) Well, that's all for this morning. Time to refill the coffee cup!

<3Bonnie Jean

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