Saturday, October 30, 2010

4 give post

Ok ladies! I'm giving away four prizes in one post! Can we handle it? I think so!!! Here's your choices...
5 lucky people will win (1) 3 spools of Presencia thread, (1) Fons & Porter magazine, (1) Free Christmas embroidery pattern + accessory buttons!, and (2) Aurifil five piece thread packs!

leave me a (nice) comment & let me know what YOU want to win! I might just give it to you....
Pictures to come soon...ya'll just wouldn't believe it unless you've been. I left the vendor show today and I'm just bursting at the seams with new ideas and projects and things that I want to sew and share with you all!!!!
Have a great night & rest of the weekend.

Friday, October 29, 2010

First Market Give-Away!

This Charm Wizard ruler by Far-Flung Quilts if the first of many wonderful treats for you to win! Use this ruler to cut 5" squares, center a feature print, cut 2 1/2" squares, and cut 2 1/2" X 5" rectangles. Leave your comments now.

I've got two to give to you!!! Yay! More to come....Plus I was a dedicated photographer today like I promised, but I'm also tired. SO, you will get pictures and full details of our adventures tomorrow.
Right now I really just want to lay here in bed and give ya'll presents. Is that ok? I think so.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Have Arrived!

We pulled up to our hotel in downtown Houston this afternoon around 4. Houston, believe it or not, has a lot of traffic. Anyway, we felt like we looked pretty cool in our (rented) Chrysler 300. You kind of have to feel like a gangster when you are riding in one.
Am I right?
I thought I would share some pictures with you from today and yesterday. In revealing these photos I have decided that I am in serious need of some photography lessons. Tomorrow I promise to be much more diligent in my photo taking responsibilities. So do not laugh at these.
The first picture....well I'm not really sure what I was attempting to snap a pic of but I'm sure it was something really amazing (we were in a moving vehicle after all!)
Second picture...well will you just look at all those overpasses?! I love the feel of the downtown city area with its cute restaurants and art galleries but can you imagine having to drive anywhere?! No thank you. I will keep my lanes to 4 or less!
Lastly, we stayed at the Horseshoe CASINO & Hotel. Unfortunately I had no casino buddy, so my first gambling trip will have to wait until I can convince my husbands 80-something grandmother to get better and take me (she claims she will!) The view was amazing though. This is also where my first Turkey Burger experience occurred. And would you believe I ate the whole thing. I NEVER eat all of anything. It was amazing.

Now, for anyone who cares and for my own selfish reasons of posting incredibly cute pictures of my loved ones (mainly animals) here are two more to end the night.
The first is me at my final dress fitting (who doesn't love lace?!) and the second is my snuggly Meeko kitty that we just got moved into our house. I introduced him to this red fuzzy blanket and he forgot all about me!

More from Houston tomorrow. It is Schoolhouse (lots of classes!) and I will have photos of all quilting celebrities (hopefully.)

Bonnie Jean

Monday, October 25, 2010

Houston Bound Count Down

First of all, my title rhymes and I'm pretty proud of that right now. 
Second of all, we are leaving for Houston on Wednesday and I am so excited! We will be attending the 2010 Fall Quilt Market in Texas. And apparently what they say about things being bigger in Texas is also true for their tornadoes. Did anyone see these pictures on Today this morning?!
So let's all please keep our fingers crossed that the tornadoes don't show up while we are there. 
Alright, so on the agenda we have dinners, parties, and lots and lots and lots of vendors to look at. I mean, LOTS. From what the previous attendees from the shop have made it sound like, I'm going to get my exercise! I should get some of those Shape Ups shoes.....

Anyway, I thought that it wasn't fair that I am getting to go and experience the wonderful world of I thought that I would give stuff away to YOU that I get at market! Doesn't that seem fair? I think so.

So, if everything works out, every night I will post a picture of that days' goodies on Facebook and on here. All you have to do is comment, or become a follower and comment, OR even leave a comment on our Facebook page. And then a random winner will be chosen.
I'm pretty sure it couldn't get much easier. And the best part's all a surprise! I don't know what I'm going to find there and I don't know what I'm giving away yet...but it will be wonderful, fresh, new stuff. 
RULES: You may only win one time. You must leave a comment on our blog(and be a follower) or leave a comment on our Facebook (and be a fan)
That's it!!! 
I can't wait to see what gifts are in your future :)

Bonnie Jean

Friday, October 22, 2010

King of the Casseroles

So I just wanted to let everyone know that I made this chicken casserole last night for dinner. Oh My Gosh. It is amazing. It makes a humongous dish (13X9 overflowing!!) and it made my hubby very happy. If you need an easy, filling meal that will last you for a couple of days...this is your chicken. I even had some for lunch today, and yes, it was even more delish warmed up.

It's in the Gooseberry Patch Christmas book I featured in the blog yesterday. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to cook every recipe in it.
And I am teaching myself to crochet (has anyone noticed all of the new releases that are coming out with crochet projects in them?!) My BOGO Mexican food night group looked at me like I'd lost it when I told them I was going home to practice my crocheting. haha.
Looks like I have a busy weekend..... :)
Bonnie Jean

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Isn't It Wonderful....

Yes, I'm talking about marriage. I am having a perfectly wonderful time being far. We'll have to see how the rest of the week finishes out. But for now, for the first 1 1/2 weeks of marriage....Bliss :) 
Speaking of's some Bliss from Moda. 
Now, if this fabric isn't calling your name you must not be listening hard enough. I think it needs to be curtains in my cute little kitchen. Yes, I say cute which actually means "very small and nowhere to put all of my dishes". But I think everyone should have to start out with a cute kitchen. It's just how it's done.

This book arrived yesterday and is just chock full of Christmas-y goodness. Not only does it make you want to cook, by the time you look  halfway through it you want to learn how to knit, crochet, and pull out your acrylic paints. It's simply wonderful.
This, so far, is my second favorite reason that I am now married: I get to decorate my cute house with incredibly cute homemade goodies and impress my hubby & relatives. Hurray! This book will have me well on my way to being a Christmas decorating celebrity :)

If anyone needs something to do Saturday night, we are having a Scrap-In right here at Quilter's Refuge. (1000 Beltline Rd. SW Ste. V2 Decatur, AL 35601 for you GPS users) You can still sign up online or come by the shop. We provide dinner, snacks, games, irons & boards, cutting mats (bring your own cutters), tables, and electricity. Bring your unfinished projects and sew all night long!! It's the best $15 you can spend on a Saturday night!!
<3Bonnie Jean (Decker) now McCormick!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Results Are In + A Mystery...

53% of those who took our poll chose to shop at non-quilt stores because of price.
So the best question ever.... Quantity? or Quality?

We might not ever know....if you owned a quilt shop, how would you reach out to those who search for a lower price point than quilt shops are able to go to? We want everyone to have something that will last forever when they finish their project.
This is something that is hard for me, as I've always been a bargain shopper. But over the past couple of years I've discovered that some things you've just GOT to spend money on. Maybe it's a big expense now, but you won't have to replace it in a year.

On a much more exciting note...there's a Mystery!! We are starting this mystery quilt program in November & we would love to have everybody participate! Who doesn't need some suspense in their lives?

There are two color ways "Travel by Day" & "Travel by Night". These are our color choices and you don't HAVE to do them, but they are an option!! See all the details here...

Also, what are your thoughts on this fabric line? I'm lovin' it! the words on Ronald McDonald. ;)

This is Etchings from StudioE. Check out the whole line here! This is the first fabric line that I've gotten to make the big decision on and order, so I'm really excited about it. Calm and cool, perfect for any time of year. I think it will be perfect for a 'modern' quilt, purses, or cute little clothes :)
Let me hear your thoughts!!