Monday, October 18, 2010

The Results Are In + A Mystery...

53% of those who took our poll chose to shop at non-quilt stores because of price.
So the best question ever.... Quantity? or Quality?

We might not ever know....if you owned a quilt shop, how would you reach out to those who search for a lower price point than quilt shops are able to go to? We want everyone to have something that will last forever when they finish their project.
This is something that is hard for me, as I've always been a bargain shopper. But over the past couple of years I've discovered that some things you've just GOT to spend money on. Maybe it's a big expense now, but you won't have to replace it in a year.

On a much more exciting note...there's a Mystery!! We are starting this mystery quilt program in November & we would love to have everybody participate! Who doesn't need some suspense in their lives?

There are two color ways "Travel by Day" & "Travel by Night". These are our color choices and you don't HAVE to do them, but they are an option!! See all the details here...

Also, what are your thoughts on this fabric line? I'm lovin' it! the words on Ronald McDonald. ;)

This is Etchings from StudioE. Check out the whole line here! This is the first fabric line that I've gotten to make the big decision on and order, so I'm really excited about it. Calm and cool, perfect for any time of year. I think it will be perfect for a 'modern' quilt, purses, or cute little clothes :)
Let me hear your thoughts!!

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