Thursday, October 28, 2010

We Have Arrived!

We pulled up to our hotel in downtown Houston this afternoon around 4. Houston, believe it or not, has a lot of traffic. Anyway, we felt like we looked pretty cool in our (rented) Chrysler 300. You kind of have to feel like a gangster when you are riding in one.
Am I right?
I thought I would share some pictures with you from today and yesterday. In revealing these photos I have decided that I am in serious need of some photography lessons. Tomorrow I promise to be much more diligent in my photo taking responsibilities. So do not laugh at these.
The first picture....well I'm not really sure what I was attempting to snap a pic of but I'm sure it was something really amazing (we were in a moving vehicle after all!)
Second picture...well will you just look at all those overpasses?! I love the feel of the downtown city area with its cute restaurants and art galleries but can you imagine having to drive anywhere?! No thank you. I will keep my lanes to 4 or less!
Lastly, we stayed at the Horseshoe CASINO & Hotel. Unfortunately I had no casino buddy, so my first gambling trip will have to wait until I can convince my husbands 80-something grandmother to get better and take me (she claims she will!) The view was amazing though. This is also where my first Turkey Burger experience occurred. And would you believe I ate the whole thing. I NEVER eat all of anything. It was amazing.

Now, for anyone who cares and for my own selfish reasons of posting incredibly cute pictures of my loved ones (mainly animals) here are two more to end the night.
The first is me at my final dress fitting (who doesn't love lace?!) and the second is my snuggly Meeko kitty that we just got moved into our house. I introduced him to this red fuzzy blanket and he forgot all about me!

More from Houston tomorrow. It is Schoolhouse (lots of classes!) and I will have photos of all quilting celebrities (hopefully.)

Bonnie Jean

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