Friday, November 19, 2010

Wishful Thinking...I Think

Does anyone out there think that Black Friday shopping is fabulous? See, no one that I know believes this like I do. My family comes down from the wintry lands of Missouri to spend Thanksgiving with us, take naps on the couch, and basically distract me from watching the Iron Bowl. (disgraceful, I know)
The point is, for the past two years I've had to literally drag people out of bed to go shopping with me and to share in the adventure of Black Friday. My sister for some reason  is not a Super Shopper (like me) & oh my goodness you wouldn't believe the absolute SLOTH-LIKE ability my cousin has when it comes to getting ready. Literally, you have to watch her very closely to even see her move.
So, by the time we get out the door and to the store all the good sales are gone and my companions are grumpy because I've had to yell at them all morning to "Get Moving People! Be excited!" like a Black Friday drill sergeant.

Yes, it's ridiculous. So I would really love to hear about your Black Friday shopping experiences. What do you do? Who do you drag, or who drags you? Do you have a big breakfast & take it slow or are you like that Target commercial (you know, the lady in the red jumpsuit, the really crazy one?)

This lady cracks me up. Is that you? I think there are really some people like that. I could be like that! If I had some liquid courage (Starbucks, anyone?!) and a sidekick.
I think.

<3Bonnie Jean

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  1. BJ, Had to laugh at this post. I'm just catching up on my blogs as I've been in Alabama for a month visiting my grandgirl (Daphne,AL) Besides the afore mentioned GG, one of my favorite reasons for visiting this time of year is that they relish the Black Friday experience. DIL is running around banging on doors at 3 a.m.
    Gotta love it! We always manage to get home in time to catch the Iron Bowl too.
    Merry Christmas and hugs
    BJ (Barbara Jean)