Thursday, December 23, 2010

a BIG secret for you!

You all are the first to know.....
for the first time, we are also having our annual After-Christmas sale online!!! Woohoo!

Of course we always want you to be able to come to the store. There is nothing like a sale day! I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas holiday and PUHLEEZE enjoy your time off from work.
I'm sure I'll be the only one who misses my job, right?

Right. Alright! Here's your To-Do!
1) Enjoy holiday season
2) Eat lotssssss of food
3) Spend time with family (even those that you don't really like)
4) Take a nap, for goodness sakes! You just ate a bunch!
5) Get a neat present & give a neat present
6) Re-group online or in the store on Monday for our wonderful sale!!

Ok, make sure you complete all your tasks! Santa will come and see you, I promise!, if you do :)


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