Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Cotton, the fabric of our lives, or so they say. And as much as we quilters love our cotton, it's hard to love something when it's hurting your pocketbook right? So we wanted to know what you think. Has anyone been doing any research on this subject? Does everyone think their quilt shops are conspiring against their customers to raise their prices? Do the quilt shops think that the vendors are conspiring against their customers to raise their prices? Do the vendors believe it's the mills and the farmers and the government conspiring against them?!

Don't we just love a good conspiracy theory? Unfortunately, these never seem to be true.

Tell me about it! Leave us a comment and tell us how you really feel on the subject. I'll be posting another entry after this one with a kind of summary of our discussions.

So friends, let's talk!
I'm not kidding. Leave a comment.


  1. It will be sad to see more shops going under and more jobs lost. I, for one, will be working on my UFOs and making a lot of scrap quilts.

  2. Love Living HistoryJanuary 5, 2011 at 12:19 PM

    I hate the increasing prices of fabric. Thankfully, I inherited the fabric stashes of two of my grandmothers (Fabric-aholism is both genetic contagious!)
    I still can't resist a good fabric sale though, and love clearance areas.
    My biggest problem lies in the area of my non-quilting fabric addiction. I sew reproduction historic garments, so I need at least seven yards of continuous fabric, and usually the bolt (always good to have extra for overskirts, ruffles and the like)The increasing price makes it difficult to feed my habit and increase my wardrobe.
    Another pet peeve is that many bolts are not containing enough continuous yardage to make a dress.