Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Follow? What Does That Mean?

I know a lot of people are new to the blog world (blogosphere) and if you find a lot of blogs you would like to read (follow) then it can get a little confusing! Where do you go to find the blog again? Can't I just read all my blogs in one place? How do you know when they write again?
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I thought I would offer my advice on this topic because blogs are really beneficial to the quilting community! We all have so much to share and they are a great way to learn new tricks and techniques. Plus you get to see what everyone else is working on and keep up with your favorite quilt shops' classes, new fabrics, and events.
Phew! I could go on all day!

But here is my number one tip for you : USE GOOGLE READER!
Google Reader collects all of your blogs, puts them in one place, and lets you know how many posts you have to read. Fabulous!
So how do you get it? Well, for starters it's FREE just in case you were wondering and there will be a little tab at the top of your browser for instant access.
Start HERE. That is the Google Reader home page. Once there either use your already established Google Account log in or create a new account (very simple!).
Here are some links to help you get started:
Google Reader Home Page
Google Reader FAQ
Google Reader Tour

Once you have logged in to your account just go to your favorite blogs and click "Follow". They will magically all be collected and put on your Google Reader page for you to read when you have a free second.

How great is that? Have a question? Just ask! If I can help you with anything, I'll be glad to :)

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